U. S. Veteran holding a small child with a statement about Veterans Supporting Special Needs Communities.

Veterans Supporting Special Needs

Future Business Ventures is a small company founded by U.S. Veterans who have seen people which through birth or life crisis have Special Needs.

 To help our local Special Needs Communities the founders established three missions:

  1. support Children with Special Needs
  2. provide employment to Adults with disabilities, especially U.S. Veterans and  Elderly 
  3. participate with Local Youth Community Projects.
Man in Wheelchair working at desk.
Front of Funtastic Learning Toys Northwest Houston Store
Happy Kids Holding Special Needs Toys Online Banner
Funtastic Learning Toys Tradeshow Table


Funtastic Learning Toys

Founded February 9, 2005, Funtastic Learning Toys has spent the last 15 years traveling to tradeshows and conferences for Homeschooling in Texas and Special Needs. It also has a Northwest Houston store servicing Houston area with school supplies for Special Needs Students, Teachers, and children being Homeschooled.

Special Needs Toys Online

Special Needs Toys Online provides products for the personal development of special needs children. Products to help your child strengthen these different focus areas: basic life skills, physical fitness and development, sensory stimulation, and creative play.

Amazon Seller Partner

As an Amazon Seller Partner, we purchase many items from our manufacturers which are sold through Amazon as an added source of revenue to meet our missions. By providing Special Needs and School Supplies through Amazon, more Adults with Disabilities in Houston can be employed.

Due to current global conditions, services of Special Needs Toys Online have been transferred to our sister division, Funtastic Learning Toys.

Hiring Adults with Disabilities to Support Children with Special Needs

Funtastic Learning Toys is showing its support for the School Nurses within the School Districts in our local area.

July 15th, 2022
Klein Multipurpose Center
7500 FM 2920
Klein, TX 77379

Funtastic Learning Toys is a Sponsor for Kinetic Kids Expo

Kinetic Kids provides sports and recreation programs not typically available to children with special needs. The Kinetic Kids Expo is an Annual Highlight for them.

June 17th, 2022
Cornerstone Christian Schools
17702 NW Military Hwy,
San Antonio, TX 78257

Event was a BIG success!!!

Funtastic Learning Toys is Houston's Only Educational Supply Store Devoted to Special Needs Students

One Year Anniversary of Funtastic Learning Toys Northwest Houston Store

1st Year Anniversary Video for Funtastic Learning Toys

It’s now one year after the October 14, 2020 Ribbon Cutting for Funtastic Learning Toys opening the new Educational Supply Store for Northwest Houston area.

Other News from Funtastic Learning Toys

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Community Projects

Visit Assisted Living Communities

Supporting Assisted Living Communities

Organize public outings and luncheons events for Adult with Disabilities residing in Assisted Living Communities.

Support Church Youth Groups

Supporting Local Youth Group Programs

Support church you leagues with their fundraisers and community outreach projects.

Special Needs & Homeschool Conferences

Attending Special Needs and Homeschool Conferences

Attend and support conferences and trade shows devoted to Special Needs Children and their education.

Support Locating and Training Service Dogs

Support Locating and Training Support Dogs

Work with Veterans and Elderly to locate local-area breeders and trainers for Service and Emotional Support Dogs.